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Dental Implants for Stamford, CT from the Single Visit Implant Center

Dr. Jack DeGrado has extensively studied implant dentistry to offer you smile satisfaction.

Stamford prosthodontist Dr. Jack DeGrado believes that dental implants offer the best form of tooth replacement available today. Copying nature’s design, dental implants offer strength, stability, durability, and security. They improve function and protect your oral health. And they look as well as they work. For a cosmetic and functional form of tooth replacement, the Single Visit Implant Center encourages patients to choose dental implants – for their health as well as their happiness.

Why should you replace missing teeth?

Some people may be tempted to leave a single missing tooth or two alone. Maybe you don’t feel that such a small gap in your smile warrants so much attention. What if we told you that a single missing tooth can dramatically change you bite over time? What if we told you that your single missing tooth can contribute to tooth decay, gum disease, bite problems, TMJ-related pain, and further tooth loss. Dental implants can be used to replace a single missing tooth or a few missing teeth, keeping tooth loss-related problems from developing down the road.

How do dental implants work?

Dr. DeGrado and the rest of the team at the Single Visit Implant Center in Stamford, Connecticut will walk you through every step of the dental implants process during your initial consultation. We’ll discuss the various phases of treatment and what to expect.

The term “dental implant” actually refers to the post that is surgically implanted in your jaw bone and designed to hold a replacement tooth in place. The replacement tooth, a dental crown usually made from natural-looking porcelain, is called a dental implant restoration. First, your dental implants will be placed and allowed to heal, during which time the implant will fuse with the jawbone for extra stability. Then your dental implant restorations will be placed.

Dr. DeGrado also offers All-on-4 teeth in a day and implant-supported dentures at our Stamford implant dentistry office.

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